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21.Sep.14 1 day ago

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My new animated project - Golden

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" Unreal Estate " by Tim Doyle

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Alex McLean, a licensed pilot and photographer, took these gorgeous photos “just by sticking his camera out the window”.

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plot twists


Finally got around to going through both Walking Dead game seasons. After all that has happened in the series, these two are still my favorite characters.

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SUNDUST by Sara Golish -> more

"This year, Sara Golish marks this celebration with her new series SUNDUST, a salute to the fertility of the sun goddess through ten portraits of women from the continent most touched by the sun’s embrace – Africa. Compelled by the lack of female personified sun deities, Golish aims to revise and re-examine the male dominated sun god through the recasting of the past in order to re-envision the future. Released on the eve of summer solstice, the ladies of SUNDUST represent and celebrate all that is light, powerful, and life-giving."

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This is quite possibly my favourite gif I have ever seen

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Asiatic Golden Cat by Anne-Marie Kalus

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